Prepare and Optimize Your Design for AM

Providing everything you need to prepare and optimize your design to get the most out of additive manufacturing (AM) and ensure quality prints.

all-in-one DfAM
faster lattice performance
shorter design for additive cycle?
  • Direct Path from SOLIDWORKS to Additive Manufacturing 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS is a complementary software for SOLIDWORKS, providing everything you need to prepare and optimize your design for additive manufacturing (AM). A click of a button in SOLIDWORKS brings your native CAD data directly into 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS and provides you with an extensive toolset to easily analyze, prepare and optimize your design for additive manufacturing. Once completed, the ready for print data can be sent to any printer or back to SOLIDWORKS.?

Design for Additive Manufacturing Workflow 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

  • New 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS Version 15 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    • Shorten Design Cycle?-?enhanced bi-directional DfAM interface, enabling SOLIDWORKS users to design with AM in mind.
    • Optimize design structure?-?new tools and options to develop bespoke lattice structures to capitalize on intellectual property, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage.
    • Easily ensure successful prints?-?new automatic support generation with the click of a button and enhanced build simulation capabilities providing designers with clear and immediate feedback on their design decisions.
  • Bi-directional Data Exchange with SOLIDWORKS

  • New Educational Suite 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    The Educational suite is the ideal tool to teach students how to design with additive manufacturing in mind. The comprehensive solution enables the students to learn the different phases of the AM workflow using professional, yet easy to use, tools accompanied by a rich set of self-explanatory step-by–step tutorials.

    The educational suite includes:

    • A teacher license and grant to attend a training course for the lead instructor
    • Student licenses for the classroom
    • Step-by-step self-explanatory tutorials and exercises
  • Customer Story - Imprint Medical英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Imprint Medical Enhances Lattice-Based Implant Design with 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS.

  • Medical Implant customer story link

Resources 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

  • Maintain Design Integrity 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Direct data transfer 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Click a button in SOLIDWORKS to send native CAD data to 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS or to retrieve data that is ready for manufacturing back into SOLIDWORKS

  • 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS Native Data Transfer
  • Ensure Printable Geometry 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Best-fit positioning?英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Automatically position parts on the printer tray to minimize printing time, support requirements and tray area usage

    Easy adaptations 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Use direct modeling, parametric and history-based hybrid (B-rep and mesh) CAD tools to improve part printability.

  • Optimize Design Structure 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Volume & Surface Lattice英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Lightening-fast creation, viewing and editing of volume and surface lattices to minimize weight, material usage and meet special surface requirements.

    Auto Adjustments英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Automatic adjustments of lattice structure following changes applied through history-based parametric CAD tools.

  • 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS Lattice
  • 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS Supports
  • Ensure Quality Prints 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Automatic support settings 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Easily analyze and create supports of any type to avoid part distortion during build.

    Easy configuration 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Use a rich tool set to fragmentize, tilt, and offset supports to simplify their removal and minimize material usage.

  • Which 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS is Right for You? 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    To make sure you get the most out of 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS, different software editions are available to choose from.

  • 3dxpert for solidworks comparison chart
  • Frequently Asked Questions英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Answers to frequently asked questions about 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS and its capabilities.

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  • Buy 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱