• Echocardiography for COVID-19 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Recent?evidence?suggests that patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia may present cardiac complications such as acute myocardial injury and myocarditis.

    Echocardiography?can help to quickly identify the circulatory status and guide hemodynamic management for these patients.

    Nevertheless, in hard hit areas, non-ICU and non-cardiology specialists are being asked to take on larger management roles and perform basic echo scan to COVID-19 patients.

  • Lung Ultrasound 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Published?evidence?based on?Chinese?and?Italian?experience with?COVID-19?patients shares the advantages of lung ultrasound and suggests that it has an important?role in?patient?assessment and monitoring the evolution of the disease.

    Lung ultrasound is considered an alternative to chest radiography or CT scanning in COVID-19 patients.??It is safe, easy and quick for use at point-of-care, repeatable, low cost and radiation-free.

    Training front line physicians to rapidly acquire the lung ultrasound skills can be critical for the success of?COVID-19?management.

Available Cases: 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

  • Lung Ultrasound英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    • Step by Step Task – Blue Protocol
    • Healthy Patient
    • Mild COVID-19 Patient
    • Moderate COVID-19 Patient
    • Severe COVID-19 Patient
  • Echocardiography英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    • Step by Step Task – Bedside Echocardiography views
    • COVID-19 patient with Normal echo findings
    • COVID-19 patient with Acute Myocarditis
    • COVID-19 patient with Pulmonary Hypertension

Educational Materials:英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

The module includes a rich video and document educational library, lung ultrasound and echocardiography basics, COVID-19 typical findings, triage and disinfection protocols, created in collaboration with international emergency medicine, critical care, pulmonary and intensive care experts.

During the pandemic, educational materials are open to the medical community in our?e-learning resources.

  • Pneumonia Simbionix COVID-19 Module


  • Patient Scenario 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    Medical history and complaints: 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    38-year-old female, previously diagnosed with asthma, admitted to the emergency department due to 3 days of fever, presenting cough and shortness of breath.

    Patient was in self-quarantine due to a recent encounter with COVID-19 patient.?She was tested for COVID-19 and now waiting for the laboratory test results.

    Physical examination results: 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

    • Blood pressure: 155/78 mmHg
    • Heart rate: 126 beats per minute
    • Respiratory rate: 36 breaths per minute
    • Saturation:?95% with 15l O2 / minute given to patient using Venturi mask system
    • Prolonged expiration and wheezing present
    • Lung auscultation: Expiratory wheezing present bilaterally
    • Heart auscultation: No murmurs
  • Lung Ultrasound and Echocardiography COVID-19 Publications 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

The module was developed in collaboration with the following experts: 英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

  • Abdulrazak F. Alchakaki, MD
    Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist
    Beaumont Hospital
    Trenton, MI USA

  • Shirley Friedman, MD
    PICU attending physician
    Dana-Dwek?Children's Hospital
    Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

  • Ron Berant, MD
    Attending Physician
    Lead physician for Point Of Care Ultrasound
    Pediatric Emergency Medicine
    Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel

  • Lior Fuchs, MD
    Intensive Care Unit
    Soroka University Medical Center
    Beer-Sheva, Israel

  • Neal F. Chaisson, MD
    Director, Critical Care Medicine Fellowship
    Respiratory Institute
    Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio

  • Abdulghani Sankari, MD, Ph.D
    Associate Professor of Medicine
    Division of Pulmonary/Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
    Wayne State University-School of Medicine
    Detroit Medical Center
    Detroit, MI USA

  • Steven W. Fox, MD
    Fellow, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
    Cleveland, Ohio

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