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Spanning all medical specialties, Simbionix simulators offer clinicians the most realistic hands-on experience using medical and surgical simulators without patient risk. State-of-the-art technology provides surgeons, interventionists, nurses and technicians with a robust platform to learn and master critical skills to ensure procedural efficiency and promote quality outcomes.


Simbionix MentorLearn英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

Web-based Simulator Curricula Management System that manages simulation based training and education needs of the Simbionix line of simulators.

PROcedure Rehearsal Studio

PROcedure Rehearsal Studio英雄联盟在哪里可以竞猜,lol全明星赛竞猜活动,lollpl竞猜赚钱

Patient specific 3D anatomical model based on CT scans for the purpose of simulating, analyzing and evaluating for preoperative endovascular surgical treatments.

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3D Systems supports a variety of medical specialties with a wide range of training tasks and procedures. The R&D department’s engineering infrastructure and experience are ideal for industry partnerships where simulation customization is required. Whatever your needs, contact us so we can discuss how we can best assist.